Fall is Here!

What I consider a REAL fall and what you consider a “REAL fall” may differ but here is my definition :

The weather has a slight chill in the air, leaves begin wafting through the air as they gently land below, subtle changes occur on the branches among the trees, pumpkin is being folded into a fall treat, and the smell of a cozy fire drifts in the air,

I realize it is a bit optimistic, however, for the first time that I can ever remember in my life the first day of fall actually brought each of these things! It even brought cooler weather. The high temperature was 98 degrees on September 21 and 69 degrees on September 22nd. NOW THAT IS MAGICAL.

After pumpkin coffee cake by Wilks, we had friends join us for our “first day of fall” school. Our homeschool day began with our usual watching of our absolute favorite news in 10 minutes called, World Watch.

Our art lesson was from Nana’s pastels and the kids learned to draw pumpkins in a pumpkin patch using Chalk pastels.

By the evening, we had a picnic. Then we made our way to the pond. The sun was going down and it was perfect for fishing as almost every cast ended with a fish on the end!

S’mores for all before sleepy heads landed on their pillows with sweet dreams of fall.

Here’s to many wonderful fall days ahead whether it is 98 degrees or 68! 🍂🍁

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