Glimmering Trees

An ice storm moved in this past week and as it landed onto our little farm I could hear the ching ching upon our tin roof.

I couldn’t wait to look outside at day break to see if ice crystals had formed on the trees. To my thrill they glistened like glass shimmering on each winter branch.

Chef Calvin our 11 year old made piles of French toast with Smokey bacon as we looked out on the glory of the day. Soon after breakfast clean up, I got myself a warm cup of tea to sip while the 3 youngest children gathered around the fire. Just as I landed onto the couch Theodore said, “Mama can we please go on a hike?”

I replied, “R – Right now? “ For starters, I was really looking forward to a slow morning with my cup of tea and also I was considering how many layers I would need to put on for a 26 degree hike.

Theodore said, “PLEASE- it s so pretty!”

And ya know how sometimes you just know it’s a time to say “Yes?” Well, this was one of those times.

I set my read own, invited the others to go (the 3 oldest had already begun school), and layered up. May I add that it’s a real downer for a homeschooler on a “snow day” to not get school called off?!! 😬

Theodore led the way and we heard the crunch of ice beneath our feet with each step. We made it to one place in which a bridge was needed so Theodore quickly found wood to lay over so we could cross without getting wet.

Just as we neared the end of the property Theodore ushered me into the woods and off the trail to a secret place he had found in winter’s past. He gasped, stretched his arms wide and said “Wow, mama! It’s our very own Narnia.” (Referring to C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia)

We made our way back to the trail and rounded the pond to admire the winter beauty. We hiked the trail that Theodore’s oldest brother, Caleb, and his daddy (Blake) had made a few years back. Blake is an expert trail maker – a hidden talent that I love about him!

We followed the smell of smoke coming from our chimney as we made our way home.

We took our outer layers off as we shuffled to the hearth in front of the fire.

And even though my cup of tea was cold, my heart was warm with the memory of our Winter Walk with Glimmering Trees! ❄️

Family Funnies:

Calvin- “Mama, if you can guess the college basketball team that is ranked number one I will make you your favorite chocolate cake from your Trim Healthy Mama cookbook.

Me- “Wow! I have to get this right Calvin. But this is really hard. You know how many college teams there are? A lot! Can I get a clue like maybe if the team is in the SEC?”

Calvin- “No clues. Sorry. It’s REALLY easy. Just make a guess?”

Me- I truly have no idea how any college team is playing despite basketball being on lately. But I gave it my best effort mentally and concluded it would have to be a team in the south since he said it was “easy.”

“Ok I choose Florida State.”

Calvin- “That’s a trash answer Mama. It’s Peru!”

Later I found out it was Perdue. 🤣

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