Winter Musings

I love the first few months of each year. There is something so magnificent to me about the trees going dormant and my garden taking a rest before planting season. The clear, winter, star-laden sky amazes me. The crackling of our wood stove, and the extra read aloud time with hot cocoa all add up to winter wonder for me.

As I write tonight, with a warm cup of Earl Grey, I can see the full moon has risen over our pond illuminating our land, The water on the pond is slowly rippling from the new flock of ducks I bought at my first farm animal auction last weekend. I also can hear the wood quietly popping and sleepy heads going into a deep sleep.

~Awe, it’s Winter~

Since our oldest child is a senior, this will be the last winter that I homeshool all 7 children. The days are slipping by as sand in an hour glass and so I am grateful that I have made it a daily rhythm to do a morning time with all of them.

“Morning time” is a time I will cherish always.

I love seeing them grab their watercolors and art paper as I begin the routine of memory work, a devotion, discuss a piece of art, read an intriguing book, and listen to a piece of music we may be studying.

I also love the holidays that this season brings. Chinese New Year is now a favorite along with Martin Luther King Jr’s Day, also my incredible father’s birthday, and of course Valentine’s Day.

The children woke up to their red envelopes (a Chinese tradition) stuffed with a present.

The buttercups have popped their heads out of the sleepy winter ground this week. My favorite winter bouquet presently has about 40 stems on our kitchen counter. Blake has picked a buttercup bouquet for me EACH and EVERY February for 22 years now. It’s a splash of color and a burst of sweet scent to remind me that spring will be here before we know it.

May each of you enjoy the deep winter wherever you are.

Zoom in on my new mug that my sis in law sent me for Christmas. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean I am not coordinating chaos.
Chaos?? What chaos?????

3 thoughts on “Winter Musings

  1. Oh my Catherine! Am I counting eleven puppies⁉️ Your home is so full of love and I love this post! ❤️🌼☕️🐾


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