Marshmallow Icecream

The day began just as the sun rose.

I had a nervous stomach as we loaded up for a BIG appointment day for Henry at Vanderbilt Hospital to assess and get a plan of action for his next cleft pallate surgery/ surgeries.

In addition to my nervous tummy, somehow we ended up having our big van loaded with farm fresh meat and eggs. I still don’t know all the details, but Blake told our friends who are also our neighbors that we would be the delivery folks today to “local restaurants” since we had an appt in Nashville.

So here we are with my mind on:

-Paperwork, Did we bring enough documentation to prove we are his parents?

-Will our big van fit in the parking garage?

-Will Henry need 2 surgeries or one this year?

-Did I bring enough snacks?

-Will Henry be scared?

-How long will it take today?

– Why do I have to miss our oldest daughters birthday today? (Oh me I never could have dreamed 18 years ago we would be with our 7th child at Vanderbilt Hospital.)

And THEN TO see our car filled with farm products and the directions to 4-5 restaurants…. Thank heavens Blake navigated and did the leg work…. But I couldn’t quit having a nervous laugh that I wasn’t really up for accomplishing all of this in a single day.

I can’t make this stuff up- our appt began in like 15 minutes and here we are unloading eggs to a restaurant …..

We miraculously made it on time and our big van did fit into the parking garage after one try at an entrance that IT WOULD NOT FIT INTO.

We were met with a bumpy start in the lobby over policies we had no idea existed- I will keep it simple and not go into details but basically I was sweating bullets and wasn’t sure just how this day was going to turn out with it starting the way it did.

THANKFULLY the day turned a corner and I began to realize what a gift it was that Vanderbilt offers a team of doctors all in the same place on the same day. This prevents patients from multiple days of travel to meet with each doctor on separate days. Yay!

We met with so many I lost count – perhaps 8 different doctors and assistants to cover all the bases for Henry’s care plan. Most of the doctors asked Henry what he was looking forward to when we got ALL done with our meetings. And he told each of them he was excited to have Marshmallow Ice-cream. 🤷🏻‍♀️ None of us have heard of such a thing and I am sure Henry hasn’t either but he was dreaming big and rightfully so sitting through all these appointments.

After many hours we finished. We now have a plan of action and so thankful that in the big picture Henry is so healthy. We have another procedure appointment coming to determine the next step.

As we finished, we were PRETTY hungry since we had breakfast at sun up and it was close to 8 hours past sun up. I for one do not prefer the interment fasting craze and was READY TO EAT. However, we had MORE farm fresh deliveries….. 🤦‍♀️

Few meals will be as appreciated as this one.

Next We walked into the Ben n Jerry’s ice cream store ….. and you guessed it…

MARSHMALLOW ICE CREAM, what in the world?!?! Precious son we are amazed.

“Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men.” Psalm 107:8

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