But there Aren’t Enough Kids

“But there aren’t enough kids to play “Got You!”” (Got You is a made up game that the kids like to play) and these are the words I heard Theodore say in regards to it ONLY BEING the 5 of them around this week. He just didn’t know how they could play without all 7 of them.

It s been the same thing when we are setting the table, loading the car (I waited for Alexandra to come out for church before realizing it may take her 4 more weeks to get into the van considering that is when she would return), waiting at the golf course for Caleb to finish up his round before realizing he wasn’t out on the greens at all that day, seeing a car come down our country road around 9pm expecting it to be Alexandra getting off work, or seeing my garden be extra needy without the extra hands to care for it.

Henry tells me often “I miss Alexandra, I miss her reading to me.” “I miss Caleb.” “Why they not here?” What a gift that they are his siblings to the fullest after only 18 months. What a gift that the kids enjoy each other and have a great relationship with each other.

(Better mention one certain sister is finding it kinda nice to have her light on late while she reads without a certain sister griping about her head lamp glaring in her eyes. )

I have even said this week that we hardly have enough people to cook for with just 5 kids. 😂

Feels like a tiny family around here.

We are getting into a new groove and the big kids are rocking it in their summer mission trips. They are both loving it and we are so grateful.

The Fabulous Five

P.S. Calvin was out frog hunting while I was cooking supper. He came in loud and proud that he caught supper. We may ONLY have 5 kids to cook for but not sure this would stretch to feed us ALL. I generously said I would sacrifice my serving of the frog legs so there would be more for them. 🐸 😳

P. S. # 2 Just as I finished writing this blog post I kid you NOT that a frog hopped out from beneath my bed. What in heaven’s name?? This must be payback for not eating the frog legs. CALVIN!!!!!!

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