I’m Moving in the Right Direction……

Adopting Henry has been a year of transition and learning our new family dynamics.

Also, after adopting Henry we realized that we outgrew our farm house. Actually before Henry we outgrew our house, but AFTER Henry we REALLY outgrew our 3 bedroom home.

So after much prayer and many conversations we decided it was time to figure out a plan of action. We even opened up our palms as a surrender to whether or not we should move off of the farm and into a bigger home. Thankfully, I have this awesome realtor as a husband that showed us houses to get a feel for what was on the market with more square footage. But that only lasted a day or 2 – we knew we should stay put.

SO we settled on adding onto our house! It has been a long and hectic year having workers in our home for about 11 months. I needed to be ready to greet the workers by 7:30am as they began arriving for work. I also needed to be ready at the drop of a hat to make decisions on the addition. All while homeschooling the kiddos, keeping meals going, etc. We also needed to move out several times for certain things to be done. And pack up the house and rearrange children and move them out and into their new rooms. Whew. Makes me tired just remembering it all.

The work truck that became a part of the landscape for almost a year!

And NOW we are all settled into our new 4 bedroom home with a school room!


-Praise the Lord!

-How blessed we are!

I am beside myself at the new space. BESIDE MYSELF.

Let me circle back to the blog post title, “I am Moving in the Right Direction.”

About 2 weeks ago I began praying and asking God to help me reevaluate what areas are off and how I can get back into a rhythm with our family.

I got to 7 items that I needed to re vamp and took a deep breath. I then took some time to pray and figure our practical ways I could implement plans of change over the course of a few weeks.

Boy am I feeling better! I have made some changes, updated chores for kids (Blake made this happen), ordered a super FUN year of school (our annual “Book reveal and Back To school Bash” has happened), I figured out better ways to streamline errands/getting kids places, and much more.

I am more rested. I have learned how order brings peace in my life.

I AM Moving in the right direction realizing that it takes discipline, patience, prayer, self care, and quiet space to discern changes needed. Plus remembering that after my relationship with God my marriage deserves space to nurture as well!

CHEERS! To a new rhythm and more peace!

“May God give you peace, dear brothers and sisters…” Ephesians 6:23

4 thoughts on “I’m Moving in the Right Direction……

  1. Catherine, I was expecting to see pics of the new addition at the bottom of your blog! So happy for you to get the additional space you’ve needed for so long. 😍


  2. Congratulations!! You do an awesome job of managing your beautiful family!! More space should truly help with organization & serenity! Look forward to seeing pictures of your new addition!


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