Catch and Release

Our summer is a bit different these days.

We are down in numbers as a family. Our two oldest kids each have their own incredible opportunity to serve this summer.

Our oldest, Alexandra, is in Central America- she has been building a house for a family, hiking into villages to tell them the Good News of Jesus and also participating in Vacation Bible Schools at local churches. Her trip is 5 weeks long.

Alexandra at the airport.

Our next oldest, Caleb, is working out west behind the scenes in the kitchen crew for a Christian Family Camp for 4 weeks.

Caleb with his work crew buddies including his awesome cousin, Jack, on the right!

Just as I was getting adjusted to our Big Girl being away, the next one left. I was crying in the lobby over breakfast as I choked down my scrambled eggs of our airport hotel. I saw people giving me a kind smile and I thought, “If I stood up and explained it to all of you guests it would seem so trivial. “

Whew- I didn’t anticipate this summer for our teenagers stretching ME!?!

I mean we have been praying that it will stretch THEM but ME?!?!

While our family unit looks different these days – the reality is that it will continue to look different pretty much from here on out.

I realize there a lot of heavier things to cry about. You might think I could reserve tears for those things, but I actually have plenty for both -harder things and tears for “your child is leaving for a month.”

Our phones dinged over breakfast and it was a group text from our good friend, Ross, AND he is Caleb’s work crew boss at camp. The text said, “How is Catherine doing?” referring to Caleb leaving and Blake glanced across at my tears and simply texted, “Crying.” Ross knows me well and texted, “What ???? Catherine never cries.” 😂

A Tender Flower, as Blake calls me. I have blogged this before- I appreciate the sentiment. I mean he could call me a cry baby or something but Tender Flower I will take!

It feels like I was just giving birth, chasing them across the billowy grass beneath us, singing a round of “Mama’s Little Babies” as I pushed them high in their swings, wiping up drips of popsicles down their soft arms for our Popsicle Fridays, and playing a round of Candy Land. (Clearly I have forgotten the thousands of diaper changes, toddlers arguing, tantrums pitched…..)

A friend texted yesterday, “Catch and Release.” And then she said something along the lines of this is what you and Blake have prepared them for.

This too shall pass- my growing pains. If there is one thing I can say I have learned as a mom it’s that nothing stays the same. Which actually bothers me a good bit – 😬

Catch and Release, Catherine, God is your one steady! An anchor of hope (Hebrews 8:19)

“He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.” Psalm 62:6

One thought on “Catch and Release

  1. We are at this same stage, and it is really hard letting them grow up! On the one hand, you are grateful for who they are becoming and the opportunities they have to serve, and on the other, you are just so sad to know the days are fleeting before they leave home for good. 😦 It is very bittersweet, for sure!


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