Calvin – Birthday Boy

What a joy to celebrate this precious son!

As his birthday is upon us I am reminded of something that happened at the library a few months ago.

It was a packed house as the kids were having their Christmas gathering in the lovely children’s section of our library. Our absolute favorite librarian and I were discussing the latest book that she would recommend for one of our kids. A buzz of conversation came from moms, dads, and children as it covered the room. Then I here a very loud, “MAMA!” Coming from the opposite end of the room. I thought surely a child of mine is not yelling for me in the library from across a crowded room. As I looked, I saw that it was indeed a child of mine…… Calvin.

Before I could speak he continued and at this point you could hear a pin drop. It was like it all happened in slow motion.

“MAMA!! Wasn’t I born in your bedroom in a swimming pool- Under water?!”

Folks, it is difficult to make me blush. But at this point my face turned as red as a fire truck. Yet I somehow managed to smile as the crowded room ping ponged looking between myself and Calvin.

The whole room seemed to want to know the answer.

Without thinking it through I waved to the audience and said, “ Yes everyone I gave birth under water, in my bedroom, and in a swimming pool.”

I am not sure if this is a normal birthing story where you readers might live….. but people it isn’t exactly “normal” here.

Dear Calvin,

You are one amazing kid. Your love of the outdoors is nothing like I have ever seen except in your daddy. You know how often people say that you are your daddy’s twin in looks, mannerisms, and hobbies.

I don’t know any other boy your age that would rather sleep outside than inside on any given night. Nor do I know one that can make his mama a warm cup of hot tea just the way she likes it!! I love it when we sit on the porch and share a cup together.

Your love of good food makes me smile. AND I look forward to every night when you kiss me 8 times on my left cheek (for your age) and “one to grow on” as you give me one more on my right cheek. 🤗 Would you please stay this age forever?

Love you around the world and back,

Mama (xoxo)

Calvin’s biggest catch!

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