It‘s A BOY!

We had our first calf born on the farm while we were at church Sunday. Rosie (our mama cow) had some kind of nerve having a calf without us around. For crying out loud, we haven’t been to church in months because Of Covid and the one Sunday we go back she goes into labor. We have “worried her silly” trying to make sure we could be present. She showed us. 😊

We have much to learn about this whole cow/calf thing. Sophie Blake (13 yrs) has graduated to our resident calf mid wife as of today – she smoothly transitioned from our CAT mid wife to CALF!

To explain how Soph earned her higher ranking, she saved the baby calf’s life this week. We hadn’t seen the calf in quite awhile so Soph and Theodore began the search. After a half hour she called in her Daddy to help drive while she scoured the tall fields of grass. About an hour and 20 minutes passed before she saw some movement and the little calf was asleep (apparently this is normal for newborn calves just like babies).

Rosie must have gotten so busy grazing that afternoon which led her to forget about her newborn. Sophie Blake was sure to remind Rosie that she is now a mama and needs to stay close to her baby. The calf could hardly stand after not milking for so long and kept falling until he made it to Rosie to nurse.

This example with our cow made me think of a favorite quote that my daddy shared with me from Mother Teresa.

Someone once asked Mother Teresa what was a way that this individual could promote world peace as she herself had done so amazingly well.

Her answer was:

Go home and love your family.”

Mother Teresa

Rosie, we will now say to you the sage advice of Mother Teresa-

“GO to the small pasture and love your newborn boy.”

ROSIE has now lost her privilege of roaming the LARGE pasture and will now officially stay in the small pasture with Caleb’s calf who is quite thrilled with the company.

Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life?”

James 4:14

2 thoughts on “It‘s A BOY!

  1. A delightful story about Rosie and her baby. The Mother Teresa quote is so good. That’s kind of what Billy Graham said once-that if he had life to do over he would stay home more and travel to preach less.

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