Wilks- Birthday Boy!

While I am sure it is wonderful for being known for things such as a great artist, a fine pianist, an amazing chef, etc. I am probably best known for doing a great job giving birth to good size babies naturally. I guess it is nice to be known for something…….

Wilks was my favorite birth even though there was a point during my labor that I was disheartened- I overheard the mid wife and others in the room making guesses how soon he would come only to find I passed each AND every guess by 1 hour and 15 minutes. I remember watching the clock as each minute ticked by thinking surely he will come soon. I felt like I was failing.

But once he came and they saw how big he was the bragging began on how “great” I am at giving birth. He weighed 10’15 1bs. And no I did not have gestational diabetes.

Wilks has been BIGGER than life ever since!

-He loves his family BIG.

-He is one of the BIGGEST prayer warriors I know.

-He loves his friends BIG.

-He has a gift for rapping in a BIG way.

-He can take on a dance floor BIG. One time Wilks and the other kids were in a wedding. At the reception there was a huge crowd on the dance floor and when I got to a place where I could see over the sea of people I realized that Wilks was in the center of a big circle with the bride, Kathryn, and all the bridesmaids dancing around him.

Dear Wilks,

Happy birthday to one awesome son! I love what an incredible big brother you are.

You aren’t afraid to be different – like staying true to the Razorbacks even though you live in Rocky Top, “Big Orange Nation.”.

I also love that you nick named me Mama D. After a few months, I asked you how you came up with that name and you said, “Oh, it’s short for Mama Darling.”

I learn so much from watching you. You have strong conviction and a deep faith in God. You are so grateful and love the simple things in life.

Plus you make us all laugh like crazy with your one liners.

It is incredible to see your life unfold before my eyes.

Love you forever and ever,

“Mama D”

3 thoughts on “Wilks- Birthday Boy!

  1. Absolutely love this…so happy Liz and Krista lined it all up for me…all such a blessing to pass on…tnk u so much Mama D

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