Theodore’s New Life as a Big Brother

“Are you reading to us tonight, Caleb? Yes?? Yay! Thank you BERY much. When I grow up I will give you a million dollars!”

“Are ALL mommies left handed?” Theodore asked me as he (for the first time) noticed that I am a lefty.

“Mama, can we talk in private later about how Henry needs extra love right now? I want to understand why he is sad.”

“Rice is still my favorite food.”

“I wish daddy hadn’t married you so I could.”

These are a few of the adorable words I have heard come from Theodore lately. He has been a champion during our transition of having a new one here.

Before we left to get Henry, I cried when I had quiet moments for about a week over how he wouldn’t be the baby anymore.

(Actually, I have mourned the children and the present dynamic we have each time we have added to our family. I can remember crying like a crazy person at my 38 week mid wife appointment when I was pregnant with #2, Caleb. I could NOT imagine life without Alexandra being an only child. (You people know by now that I am a cryer. Or let’s go with “ I am a tender flower” as Blake calls me. 😉)

And that is just one way of how this journey of adoption has been a faith walk. I have had to trust that God would make a way for Theodore (the others as well) to be ok with another addition.

And HE (God) has done more than I can imagine in that area. HE has given enough love to go around. Also, HE has helped to bring security to Theodore and the other children so that they see another one as an addition and not a burden. (Not that they don’t have struggles- but generally it is sure a gift to see them enjoying having siblings)

Dear Theodore,

During this adoption, you have brought companionship and joy to a precious new life! You’re just the brother that Henry Connor needs. I couldn’t be more grateful to see all that God is doing in YOU through the adoption including the way He made you a BIG BROTHER! You’re a natural!

I love you “BERY” MUCH,

Your left- handed Mama (xoxo)

4 thoughts on “Theodore’s New Life as a Big Brother

  1. This is just the sweetest‼️ I’ve been wondering the age difference between them. How old is Theodore now and what age is Henry? Cathy, just keep on crying, it’s proof you have a heart of gold! ❤️ I like Blakes’s name for you “tender flower.”


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