They Say It’s Your Birthday?!

It’s My Birthday Too!

I am sure that some of you are mortified that I didn’t know that it’s The Beatles who wrote this song until I looked it up in my search for who wrote it?!?! However, it kept coming to mind as I went about my birthday.

It is SO fun having a birthday with the kids getting older. I would rather get a letter than a gift since I am a words of encouragement girl. And today the kids had letters at my breakfast seat. ♥️

Also, today, Blake had the children shared words of encouragement with me. Our 8 year old was asked first ….

I like how you come in at night and kiss me. And tell me stories.” Calvin said.

To keep it real let me add what happened next. Theodore interrupted and said, “Nuh uh! You didn’t come in last night!”

This brought to mind to tell the kids that for many years my birthday had just younger children at the breakfast table. And what joy it is to have them getting older and expressing their thankfulness for me. Yet the innocence and honesty of the younger children is also something we ALL enjoy.

Then Blake nudged Theodore with a “Can you think of something nice to say to Mama?”

“No I don’t want to.” He replied.

My point proven. 🤣

I wish it was on video what Henry said when Blake asked him. He looked at me with all the love a mother could ever ask for and using a few words and sign language (our children are not hearing impaired, but I like to teach them sign language so that they can communicate before the words are able to be formed audibly- our toddlers did much less whining this way and the same for our Chinese children).

Henry basically said “Mama, Henry Connor read books. Mama, Henry Connor snuggle. Mama, Henry Connor play.” He laid his head against me and it was all I could ever ask for! It’s been 10 weeks now and he knows he’s ours!! Forever ours.

After Caleb’s amazing pancake breakfast with fresh whipped cream was eaten, the younger two boys asked if I would like to “play with my new toys” with them.

Both of them had gone around the house and gathered a few of their toys and put them in a birthday gift bag for me to open at breakfast.

After surveying the new “toys” that I received Theodore looked at me and said, “or we can just go get Mancala and play that together.”

We are gifted with this one life and we get to choose what we stand for. It’s important to choose what that is rather than let it happen passively.” Maria Goff

Love lives here

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