No Problem…

These are the words that I am trying to say to Henry Connor anytime something goes wrong like he breaks something or spills a drink, etc.

It has got me thinking of how much it would do me some good if that was my motto more often to neighbors, strangers, all of our other children, and others.

Like when a certain child that will remain nameless leaves the van door open and the chickens decide to enjoy it as if it was the barn, and on and on it goes. 😳

As life moves on I am more aware that people have a story and those that seem mad or even mean might just be carrying a load that is pretty heavy. I can remember my mother in law saying this as she spent many days (weeks and months) going to the hospital to care for my father in law. “If someone is parked over the lines in the hospital parking lot – it’s no big deal. You have no idea what that person might be going through.”

These early weeks home I am needing and receiving a lot of “No problem, Catherine” from all around me.

Blake is pouring it out in abundance as he picks up the slack with the kids in so many areas. I am not able to do what I usually do/ I am taking care of a tender soul that needs complete care and attention.

The kids are doing so much extra as I am not as attentive to do with them and FOR them what I usually do.

I can’t spend quality time with family and friends right now like I usually enjoy doing. A no problem is being given as I am so very tired and pre- occupied in this season.

Meals, snacks, and take out have appeared. “No problem, I will cook for you.”

No problem! Is what I hope to think the next time strangers say something insensitive. I NEED grace for OTHERS as I know that I can’t explain our story to everyone but just trust that it’s ok to be misunderstood. This is one of my weaknesses- wanting to be understood by all. The truth is, I too have said insensitive things to others- sometimes not even realizing my hurtful words.

Lastly and absolutely most importantly, “No problem” is what Jesus has said to me when I ask for forgiveness.

As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.” Psalm 103:12

No Problem!Let’s eat ice cream!

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