The Kids All- Inclusive Vacay in Georgia!

Can we say they have had a blast?!?! It has been peaceful to my soul knowing they are having the BEST TIME with their friends.

They have played board games, corn hole, done crafts, watched movies, and eaten great food. Sounds like an All Inclusive to me!!

Sharon and Scott have been rock stars! What a gift. One child, who will remain anonymous, asked if we could come back after Christmas. 🤣

Their neighbors have rallied and sent food and Christmas gifts are somehow also under the tree for our kids.

Scott and Sharon even spent a second FULL day in the car driving them back to meet grandparents for the rest of our time away.

So now their time has been back in Tennessee getting time with family and a little friend time as well while they wait for us to come home!

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of others.” Charles Dickens

One thought on “The Kids All- Inclusive Vacay in Georgia!

  1. What a privilege to love on your children while bringing another into the fold!!! Love them and our time together!!! 2019 Christmas will always the one with the WARDS!!!!! Blessings and love always!!!


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