Christmas Eve

Our hotel was getting mean looks from me as I went to the lobby and was missing Rosemary terribly and our Dodge City.

I pressed on and we watched our phone like hawks to see if we could be home for Christmas.

We went ahead and packed up thinking that our positive actions would propel the packet to get approved and us home.

As we pulled out of Pittsburg the phone rang. Our kind lawyer gave us the news that WE DID NOT WANT TO HEAR. He said that he found out that the state Capitol was closed for Christmas Eve. So there wasn’t anyone to receive the packet from Kansas since no one was there.

The boom was lowered.

I wanted to drive the 6 ish hours back to Dodge City.

The kids has been praying for a Christmas miracle. They were texting and calling every few minutes to see if we heard anything. And I had to tell them.

We went for a walk at the university in Pittsburg and then headed to a coffee shop.

My friend, Tricia, sent me a text reminding me of a little devotional she had read called, “Be Where my Boots Are.” A little reminder that I needed.

The truth is while it took me a few hours to get to this place, a Christmas Miracle had happened. We now have the most AMAZING present anyone could ever get at Christmas. God has answered our prayers and he even answered this one, just not the way we wanted.

A crepe and hot tea also helped our feelings.

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

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