Ft. Scott Here We Come

We decided to take a drive north of Pittsburg to Ft. Scott, after our friend that is from Kansas suggested it!

I am so glad we did. It has so much rich history.

We arrived just in time for one last meal before all of the restaurants were closing for the Christmas holiday. Blake and I also thought to go ahead and get a to go meal to re heat on Christmas so we would have something that day!

We also got there just in time to see the Fort area before they closed. It was incredible!!

We had Connor get his scooter out to ride around while the sunset.

We were asked to help take the giant flag down!

And we were able to find


We found an Inn- seriously, it is an Inn….that was open for us to spend Christmas.

In other news, we are slowly teaching Connor how to cuddle- I am trying not to smother him to death with kisses and hugs which he is not open to at this point …. but I loved every second of sitting side by side and watching Christmas Eve service on our lab top. We watched a service where our brother-in -law, Paul, preaches.

For unto you a child is born. For unto you a son is given. And you shall call his name Immanuel. “ Isaiah 9:6

Immanuel- God with us.

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