Let Me Introduce You To our Dodge City Family

As we entered this quiet western town, I had no idea the love we would find here.

From Mary at the front desk who works the night shift …..

To the LOVELY Rosemary (also a mom who adopted) who greeted us each morning at breakfast! AND PROBABLY hugged me the most through all my tears……

And here is the Sweet Maria who made all of those lovely frozen chocolate bananas…

On our last morning as we came down, Kristen the wonderful day shift front desk worker, said, “ Catherine, I HAVE A PRESENT FOR YOU! From Mary. She made you something all night long as she worked the night shift.”

And then she handed me the most lovely handmade knitted hat for Connor! AND an angel ornament with words attached about it being our first Christmas.

As we hugged and said our goodbyes, Kristen called after me, “ Thank you for sharing your life with us this week. It was something special.”

That had to be code for “Lady we saw all the tears all week long!!!!”

As we left Dodge City, my tears came again as I said to Blake, “This place has been sacred for us. Something beautiful happened here and in a strange sort of way I don’t want to leave the place where it all happened.”

And Blake said, “ I can’t believe it happened either.”

5 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce You To our Dodge City Family

  1. Catherine, I’ve been completely blessed by your journal entries this past week! What a wonderful gift you and Blake are giving this little boy! He will love being brother to Theodore and and of course, all the older siblings. God surely must be smiling down on your loving family! ❤️😍


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