Ours Forever

The day began with breakfast in the lobby, doing some journaling in Henry Connor’s new journal, and it also included us getting his bed all ready for him!

I walked over to the park a little early ahead of Blake where we were meeting so that I could sit and take it all in.

I had so many questions wrestling in my head.

Is he afraid?

What did he say when they told him?

Will he cry?

Will he be angry?

How will we all say good bye to the first adopted parents?

As they arrived Connor gave a huge wave as soon as he spotted us. As he walked over to the slide, Blake asked the other couple if he could pray for us all. It was beautiful in a strange way. Here the four of us stood in a park with my one hand nestled in Blake’s hand and my other one gripping the first adopted mom’s thick coat covering her arm -asking the God of the universe to help us all.

The adopted mom and dad each told Connor good bye and I kneeled down next to him while Blake was standing behind me. He turned towards me and fell into my chest as he gave me the sweetest, never will forget, hug. I stood and hugged both of the first adopted parents and then the couple turned and walked away.

We took a deep breath and then began playing at the park. A bit later, we walked over to Sweet Maria’s Mexican dive for another round of Frozen Chocolate Bananas- which will be our forever Gotcha Day treat!

Today’s special was Goat Soup!

Then we spent the rest of the day doing more of the same and what we will continue to do DAY after DAY after DAY with the strength of the Lord. We worked on building trust, pouring lots of loving words over him, introducing him to a game of football, and laughing together.

Blake ended up coming down sick that evening which forced Henry Connor to spend the evening with JUST me in the lobby. Super sad for Blake but thankful that it was a sweet time to bond with HC considering his preference for Blake. I really can’t blame the child – Blake is a whole lot more fun than me.

In the lobby, we ate cookies, drank tea, and colored. We also called Mimi and made a face time call to Tallahassee family before heading back up to the room for drawing on the shower walls with some awesome bath crayons.

Forever Ours.

Completely humbled.

I am always aware of the Lord’s presence; he is near, and nothing can shake me. And so I am thankful and glad, and I feel completely secure….” Psalm 16:8-9

4 thoughts on “Ours Forever

  1. Congratulations! What a bittersweet day!! I have prayed that HC would bond so quickly to you that you would be amazed and see the Lord’s hand all over it. Much love to you as you continue this special journey!


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