The Conference Call

It included both lawyers, social workers, Blake and I, etc. it went as well as it could have. So grateful that Grace and Brandon were there to take the kids to the library while we met. It covered a lot of ground including when we should go get him!

The next thing I hear is, “Can you leave tomorrow. It may be the only chance before Christmas?” I felt like the Lord prepared me for this all weekend and prepared me for our lawyer saying, “Realistically, prepare yourself to be gone for Christmas.”

So we packed our bags! Thank you Susan for sending The awesome clothes and house shoes.

Next, we began a spread sheet for the kids + their care, and kissed our precious children goodbye. In the meantime, we get a call from Shay saying, “Can we take them all?” Which would mean her 7 and our 6!!!! Yes, that is a whopping 13 children now in her care.

I also received a text from my friend, Emily, asking if we needed anything. I eventually told her, “ I didn’t think so.” To which she replied, “Need a toothbrush?”

“Um, yes!”

She said, “Need diapers?”

“Um, yes!”

On and on it went. Until she had us making a drive by stop on the way out of town for things I didn’t even know we needed: a soft blanket, bath toys, a soft stuffed cow, cozy socks, etc.

Calvin, 5th child, came running out as we were leaving with Christmas gifts. His said, “In case you don’t make it back for Christmas.”

Then another friend gave me Stsrbucks cards as we left town for another MOST necessary thing I didn’t know I needed. 🤣

My friend, Betsy, came right over to play with kids until Grace, our niece got their for a shift. Then Karin arrived with dinner and stayed the night!

Precious Amy, headed over to the house to make a cozy nook for him in our home. It looks like a Pottery Barn ad from the picture she sent us!

Time to hit the road Jack! And don’t ya come back without a SON!!

God has provided all that we need and more than we could ask for.

You, o Lord…. you give me all I need……
6 How wonderful are your gifts to me; how good they are! Psalm 16:5-6

One thought on “The Conference Call

  1. We are so very happy for you and your family! Prayers for God’s mercy, grace, peace, and love to be multiplied to you all as you travel, meet, and return with this precious young boy and begin all together as Family! Thankful for God’s faithfulness and blessings!


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