More Waiting!

I find myself waking In the night these months with thoughts such as:

  • How will Theodore do with the transition?
  • Will our new little one like us?
  • Do we have a place for his clothes?
  • What will We drive if we are all 9 together?

And then without a doubt after some processing and praying my mind is settled with comfort and at times a Bible verse such as, “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” from Psalm 91:1.

We don’t have to have it all figured out. Just one day at a time. Take the next step – blind faith. But it is faith that keeps me planted.

It was THE longest weekend once we found the news that there would be an 8 person conference call on Monday afternoon.

Our friend, Krista, spent the weekend with us which helped as a distraction. It was a full weekend of Women’s Brunch at church, Blake working, and a trip to and from AR for Christmas with family. The long weekend also included getting to see our niece, Grace, along with Brandon, from Tallahassee for a big White Chicken Chili Bar lunch AND the making of the kids Cookbook.

The children asked how they could help raise money for the adoption and decided a cookbook is what it would be. It includes 26 recipes of their favorites! I thought it would take 4-5 hours but we’ll…. let’s say I was WAY OFF. Krista worked her heart out editing and formatting.

My friend Anika, assisted with emailing us a format to work from— thank you Anika!!

They will be hot off the press (meaning copied at a copy store 😊) by January.

Krista with the first rough draft copy!

Then the time came for the conference call! I was sweating bullets.

I need to sign off for now…. but will share more of what happened in the next post. ❤️

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