The Bad Tooth Fairy, (part 2)

During our b-day lunch, I continued by asking Calvin if there was something that he enjoyed doing in the past year or something that we did that made him feel special.
In which he quickly interrupted with a mouth full Of cheese pizza to say, “I am not finished with telling you what else  you are bad at.”

Uh- hem….  SURELY it was time to share with Blake,  his father, what he could improve on.

All the while Blake is cutting his eyes at me holding back his laughter.

I managed to place a smile on my face and braced myself for what was to come.

You are BAD at taking us out for ice cream!”

Calvin proudly announced.


The truth is, you see,  Calvin really let me off easy that day.

As I think back to that moment over lunch with Calvin, not only does it send me into a fit of laughter but it has since dawned on me some of the things that he COULD have said.

* how I lose my patience (especially when it’s time to load the car to leave and someone can’t find their other Croc shoe!) or when chores and school aren’t completed or when it s bed time and one more request for another story, drink of water, etc. is asked for

* how I lack wisdom in solving disputes among the kids

*how I interrupted his father to give my two cents when he was solving disputes among the kids

*how I got mad when the kids picked our first watermelon before it was ripe after we waited what seemed like 6 years for it to grow

*how I stuggle with forgiving a friend over hurt feelings  and forget how much I have been forgiven

*how I worry about whether people like me or not

And that list took place before lunch today……

Indeed, Calvin let me off easy.

The LORD is merciful and compassionate,

slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love.”

Psalm 145:8

Our “almost ripe” watermelon just before it was picked!

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