Tyranny of the Urgent….

The tyranny of the urgent is taking on new meaning in my life these days. I have a suspicion that most of us can relate.

The schooling, the meal prep, the dishes, the meal prep, the dishes (not a typo 😀) mount laundry awaiting me, settling arguments, cuddling little ones and big ones, and let s not forget maintaining Calvin’s Rock business before he paints the whole den a nice Lavendar Sachet  from his latest color pallet.

I read an article once and many times since called “Tyrrany of the Urgent” and it is one of those articles I can read again and again to help me put things in perspective.

You see I have a major struggle with spending a ridiculous amount of mental time beating myself up over that thank you note I didn’t get written or the paper that didn’t get graded that day or the friend I failed to check on in her time of need.

It’s sobering to see in the scriptures how Jesus had 3 years in public ministry and just before he gave His life for us he says to his Father in heaven,

I have brought you glory on earth by  finishing what you gave me to do.” John 17:4

Um, Jesus said that he “finished” what God gave him to do. But the masses…  they needed Jesus!

The blind men, the women who had children suffering, and what about the child whose parent was dying? They needed him.

May it be so as I begin a new school year that I remember to ask God just what it is that He has for me to do.

May this be the year that I spend more time celebrating the things that I have had the privilege of doing in a day over all the things I failed to do.

Back to School Bash with Burrito S’mores!




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