The Bad Tooth Fairy

We have this tradition of taking the kids out for their birthday lunch each year. They pick the place (we draw the line at Chuck E Cheese)  and each child gets to have some 2 on 1 time.   No other kids allowed.

A few days ago we took our big boy 6 year old out for his celebration.

While we’re together over lunch we try to ask them how we might can do better as their parents and take some time to also affirm things we love about them.

So, I began by asking Calvin how we could do better. He wasted no time and jumped at the chance to speak up.

“Mama, I know something you’re bad at.”  It’s not exactly my favorite thing to hear, but I knew I should smile and be ready to receive his input.   Secretly hoping he would let his father know what he was “bad at” as soon as he finished my correction.

You are bad at being the tooth fairy.”

Trying to keep a straight face I replied that I would certainly try to do better.

To be perfectly honest – he is SO right. I am terrible at being the tooth fairy.  We’re on about the 38th tooth that has come out now, folks.   And I am begging for a replacement.

4 thoughts on “The Bad Tooth Fairy

  1. That is sooooo funny! We’ve had one of Hannah’s teeth sitting on the counter in a baggie for several weeks now. I think we’ve all given up caring about this!

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  2. Ha!! Ok but really, why in the world do we pay our kids for parts of their body that are going to fall out anyway?! It’s kind of weird.
    Liam had his first two pulled and didn’t care a thing about some fairy so I called it the tooth Ninja. He said, “So, is it you? Or Daddy?!” Lol
    Happy birthday Calvin


  3. We do these dates with mom and dad and one child at a time as well.. and I always ask this question to them, too! So weird! Haha! And I am a terrible tooth fairy as well. Our kids have always from day one knew that it was us (no lies!) and now they just come to me and I give them a bit of money and chunk that tooth in the trash. About a year ago I was stressed because I had a tooth that I didn’t know to which child it belonged. I started laughing and thinking of things we do that do not matter, just because it was done with us as kids. Why would I keep a bag of teeth for each kid? How weird!!!! Haha!!!!


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