One Year, Baby! 

I have spent the week reminiscing what we were doing a year ago.

Reflecting back, it was one of the most-if not THE most- miraculous time in my life to fly all the way to Nanning, China to embrace a new son.  A son who we chose, and who we felt God leading us to choose.

It was also a sad time because it was difficult to watch the little 2 year old boy known as Wu Chi An be separated from all that he knew. The scared look in his eyes. The mistrust. The total unknown for him.

And honestly, the unknown of how we would adjust to 6 children-adding one that didn’t know our language and came to us having lost so much.

He had to leave his familiar high rise orphanage home to get something far richer that God had for him, but his pain in leaving there was ultimately used for his good:

  • He has toys that are his own now.
  • A fabulous yard to run and play.
  • A variety of foods to fill his body with nourishment.
  • A cozy bed with soft sheets and so many plush stuffed animals to choose who will accompany him each night.

  • A rocking chair to be cuddled and rocked on a big front porch overlooking rolling hills and a pond where siblings giggle, fish,  play chase, and most recently a round of golf.

  • While imperfect, he has a mother and a caring father that he can call by name and will have the same legacy as our biological children.

Most days Theodore says, “You, my mommy! ” With a smile brighter than the sun and a tender tiny finger pointing to my heart.

  • And most importantly, Theodore has been introduced to our Lord, the only one who can save His soul from eternal separation.  The only perfect Father that he can count on each minute of his life.

The parallel- of me adopting Theodore and God adopting me-  has been the biggest surprise this year. A wretched sinner doomed for hell had to leave an old way of living to step into a new life with Christ that was/is absolutely fulfilling.

Thank you, Theodore, for being an instrument God chose to use to deepen my faith. And thank you for joining us as your forever family! Happy One year, Baby!

“I have loved you with an everlasting love.”

Jeremiah 31:3

6 thoughts on “One Year, Baby! 

  1. Yay! What a miracle and a testimony! Theodore, you have a beautiful story and a heritage of faith and love in your forever family.


  2. It’s really hard to believe it has already been a year! Praise God for all the love this little boy now knows!! The transformation has been truly amazing and inspiring to watch! Theodore blesses us with his smiles! 🙂


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