6 Weeks Home, Part 2…

In other news, 6 weeks has also brought about:

  • A New “Painted Rock” business for Calvin (5th born) – which has proven to be quite profitable – $14.26 so far. He is hoping for a Fishing pole at the end of his sales. 😀

While I have been occupied with Theodore, he has painted rocks for hours and hours. Including getting paint all over our school table-

It’s there for good.

So I asked him to please take his “business” to the front yard in which his paint got all over our sidewalk leading to the front porch-

There are remnants there now of his location.

Then it started raining, he told me, so he moved his paint station to the porch where I later discovered more of his whereabouts.

The final trail of paint was discovered on our white columns when perhaps he decided they could use some jazz- and you got it,

…….  It’s here for good.

So really the new rock business has proven to cost us a lot more than $14.26.

  • I must be feeling more like myself because the boys hair has gotten to me- so I managed to get around to cutting it. 

And look who else needed some grooming….

Maybe the kid and dog hair cuts can save us some money to help support the whole rock business!😉

  • Blake took the oldest three kids to hike on the Appalachian Trail to Mt.Leconte.

It was about 16 miles and they LOVED it!

I wondered and asked, “How could this baby of ours make the hike?” To which she responded,  “It was great Mama and I can’t wait to go again!”


  • I found this in our refrigerator:

I am pretty sure that when you find googly eyes in the refrigerator, it’s a clear sign that you have been preoccupied. 😀

  • One day over the past 6 weeks, the kids “forgot” that they brought 17 frogs in the house in a bucket. In which the frogs easily found a way out. The one below was hopping into our closet in which I asked for back up help…..
  • Our first Fourth of July with Theodore included Our Tallahassee family –  which we all loved!

And Memphis family have met Theodore….

  • ALL have pitched in with dishes…


And look who else is “helping” with the dishes……

Chinese Proverb: Many Hands Make Light Work 🙂

There is a TIME for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Eccles. 3:1


7 thoughts on “6 Weeks Home, Part 2…

  1. I say this every time, but I mean it this time I ‘promise’.. This is my favorite post! I love that I am not alone in my paint drops on my floors and Googly eyes in the refrigerator. Ok, you’re alone on the eyes. :-). I love this all so much. I hope to see you very soon’

    P.s. Have you ever heard of washable paint?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  2. I didn’t reply right away and then it slipped my mind. Calvin is so darn cute he could get away with spreading paint most anywhere. Tell him I’ll buy some rocks when he comes here again.

    Really enjoyed all of your “Tying STrings” as I always do. Such good pictures of all of you.

    Janis and Jennifer got in yesterday evening for a couple weeks. Our pool is not in good shape and, of course, that is dissappointing to Jennifer. I hope the pool man comes soon.

    I’m going to Florida next Friday with Marianne and Tommy. Marc, Halah and Olivia will fly in Saturday and we will pick them up at the airport in Panama City. Get to spend a whole week with them.

    Hope to see you soon. Love, Anita


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