6 weeks home…

We’ve Come A Long Way Baby!

  • Theodore is using 10+ sign language words. And boy does this help with our communication!
  • His vocabulary has gone from “ma” and “dada” to a few more words this week. It s like a switch went off tonight and he started repeating things that  Blake and I were saying to the other kids such as “Boys! Bed time!” 
  • Theodore enjoys his siblings so much! And they are CRAZY about him. We spend much of our time all saying, “Isn’t Theodore Adorable?”
  • He loves all of the animals on the farm. 🐮
  • He eats about anything we are eating! But I am keeping the rice cooker going as a comfort still. 
  • His kisses are plentiful! Melts my heart.
  • It really seems as if he is so delighted to have parents. His smile lights up the room.
  • He isn’t pulling away from every person that speaks to him lately.
  • Blake is having more contact with him. Theodore loves it when Blake comes home from work – hugs him and runs right back to me.*😅 Still HUGE progress.
  •  His sleeping has  improved. (It could still stand for more improvement.  😉 Since he wakes up quite frequently still.)**It is very similar to when we’ve had newborns and we know that this too shall pass! When I think back on weeks 1 and 2 it IS DEFINITELY better. 
  • As time has gone by, my appreciation for the orphanage has grown. It seems like he was loved well and for that we are so grateful.
  • He is learning to share more. He has similar struggles of any toddler- learning to share and what not. But Theodore like other internationally adopted children has the language issue to deal with not to mention emotional pain as well. He shuts down for a few minutes or longer when I correct him. But it is better each week as he continues to see that we ARE NEVER going to leave him and that our love IS CONSTANT. 

    Your love, Oh Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness stretches to the skies.”    Psalm 36:5

    *Today Theodore asked Blake to hold and carry him!! He used his sign language to ask Blake to take him to the barn to see the cats! 🐱

    **As this week has progressed, Theodore is sleeping even better! He is waking only once or twice a night! 

3 thoughts on “6 weeks home…

  1. Praise the Lord Cathy on the sleeping getting better! It will continue and you’ll look back on it someday and wonder why did I ever loose sleep over that, ha! I love you all and am so grateful for the time I had with you at the pool and Theodore letting me hold him!! He’s such a little blessing! ❤️


  2. Praising God for all this wonderful progress! Thanks so much for the update!! We are continuing to pray for you guys! 🙂


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