More Grace Than We Deserve…..

God has sent others to meet our needs in such an incredible way this season while I meet Theodore’s needs and get opportunities to love on our other children during this season of transition.  

This has been a unique time in that most days I do not even know my own needs. And then someone pulls in the driveway with a meal, or diapers, or a rice maker, or a freezer meal, or a set of hands to fold laundry, or dragon fruitπŸ˜€. We are so blessed for all of the prayers and love and practical ways we have been served. It reminds me of 1 John 3:18 how we have been loved “in action.” 

I over heard Sophie Blake and Theodore singing Amazing Grace a few days ago and tried to capture it on video. ( It was his first time to join in with “singing”.)

 The Lord’s deep grace seems a little sweeter these days. πŸ’™


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