Birthday, Birthday….

It’s MORE BOYS Birthdays!! 

Wilks turned 7 last week! 

Our lives have never been the same since William Wilks Ward entered the world. He has been above average since he first entered the world at 10.15 pounds. 

Wilks makes us laugh daily and he has a special knack of younger children gravitating towards him. 

Wilks is also our resident rapper. 

He likes puzzles, sports, and launching water balloons (that one I am sure he inherited from Blake who holds the record of launching water balloons over the Union dorms about the time the Dean of Students would round the corner). 

Today he hid and launched one at the girls piano teacher’s car and it landed perfectly inside her OPEN sun roof! (😬It was my bright idea to hide and hit her car with the balloons.)

Wilks started the trend of the boys calling me “Mama D.” When I asked one day what it stood for he said in his most Southern Draw, “the D stand for,’Dawlin’ mama.” 

He told us at dinner the other day that we really should have named  his new brother, Nook. We told him that it kinda sounded like a “made up” name. To which he responded, “yeah, kinda like WILKS!”  

Our Next Birthday Boy…..

Caleb turned 11 this week. That warm,  sultry, Fourth of July in 2005 when I was 40+ weeks pregnant is still a vivid memory in my mind.  He held off but lit up the sky on the 5th when he came into the world. 

Caleb has a recent interest in golf. He has created an “A-Ward” winning 9 hole golf course out here on the farm. ⛳️

He also likes baseball, football, basketball, nerf ping pong, frisbee golf, and any other sport I have failed to mention (except boxing, hockey, and soccer he recently told me.)

We were playing a quick round of nerf ping pong tonight and he said, ” I am pretty impressed with your game, except for your serve.” His win of 21-11 proves that my serve is just one area needing improvement in my “game.” 

Caleb continues to challenge my faith. He has asked deep questions since he was 4 yrs old and he completed reading the Old Testament this past year and we are amazed at how he somehow managed to get through the tougher books like Isaiah! 

I dread the day that he doesn’t ask me to tuck him in at night- asking for a back rub and to tell me about his lastest read he is wrapped up in. πŸ’š

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth. ” Psalm 127:4

8 thoughts on “Birthday, Birthday….

  1. Love their stories. Wish I had written ours down. They have been told and revised by the tellers often. They get better each time.


  2. Caleb looks like a real pro with that golf club! Awesome that he made a 9-hole course to play on at the farm… to see that some day! Happy Birthday to both your boys! πŸŽ‚πŸ˜‰πŸŽ‰β›³οΈ


  3. This post made me cry, tear up, cry, and tear up! So so sweet, Mama D! I love the part about the made up name! Hahahah


  4. This post just reaffirms how awesome I already think Wilks is. That kids humor will get him far in life. Love him! Happy birthday boys!


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