He calls me “Ma”

And it IS the sweetest name I’ve ever heard.

He says it so many times in a day that I can’t count. If I had to guess conservatively it would be 300 times  or so.

Just for fun, as I laid with him in bed tonight I decided to count for five minutes how many times he said it and it was 17. 😊

He says it when he wakes, while he eats his sticky rice, when he’s playing with his green play dough, as he rides on the lawn mower with “Da Da” (yes, big strides with him taking to Blake lately), if he has dirty hands,

when he wants a kiss, when he’s crying, as he takes a bottle, while he goes to sleep,

and in the deep dark of night……

MA! “

I say, “Yes, love.” And then there is silence.

Total silence.

I can’t help but to wonder what he is thinking:

  • “I might as well use my one and pretty much only English word I know.”
  • “It is amazing how I practically have my very own trained parrot that says, ‘yes’ each time I say, ‘Ma.’                         Or is it…
  • “Are you REALLY MY very own mother?”

Whatever the case, I am “Ma” and I am thrilled to be Theodore’s “Ma.” 💙

4 thoughts on “He calls me “Ma”

  1. Oh this is beautiful!! Praise God!! Thankful to read this & blessed by you all! Thank you for sharing your story & all God is doing in the life of Theo & each of you! It’s beautiful!!! Love you all❤️


  2. He looks so sweet sitting in Blake’s lap! I can only imagine what a sweet little voice he has when calling you “Ma”. Thank you for continuing to share with us….sure been thinking about you all. ❤️


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