Fight, Flight, or Freeze

Ever remember learning how fear may compel us to do one of these three things : fight, flight, or freeze?  

A friend that has recently adopted was sharing with me how her little one had a “flight” response in the weeks/months following his arrival with his forever family.  

And this caused me to pause and think about how Theodore’s response has mainly been to “freeze.” 

He has stayed close on my hip or gripping my leg for much of these early weeks. 

He isn’t eager to say “hello.” And leans away generally when someone tries to touch him. 

While I feel like in many ways this is our “first born” (regarding adoption vs. biological) one thing is very familiar …… 

I am aware that this is only a season.  He is changing before our eyes and while it may be challenging at some points of the day I do NOT want to lose sight of the miracle in my arms. 

God orchestrated this little life to be ours. 

He is weaving Theodore’s story and I get to be some of the thread to help it to become a beautiful masterpiece.  💛

God is not served by human hands as though he needed anything, but he himself gives life and breath and everything.” (Acts 17:25)

2 thoughts on “Fight, Flight, or Freeze

  1. Beautiful…………all of it! Thanks for sharing, we are blessed to hear and see all the Lord is doing! Love you all!!


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