Welcome HOME! 

                   SURPRISE,                                     YOU AREN’T AN ONLY CHILD! 

What a welcomed sight this was- the children we missed so much!

Mimi and Aunt Becca were waiting too!

Along with good friends and prayer warriors : Lisa, Mandy Beth, Molly, and like 40 kids between us all- the airport staff hardly noticed. 😊

We made it!!!!!!!!

        Welcome HOME, son!! 

9 thoughts on “      Welcome HOME! 

  1. So happy y’all are home safe and sound! What a trip back, huh?! Someday this summer I’d love to bring Mom out to see your farm and that sweet boy (and of course all the kids!) 😉


  2. Welcome home!!!!! This made me cry tears of joy. Such a long journey and now… It can finally BEGIN. Sending love


  3. What a praise! What a story, God’s story!! So thankful and so happy for you all! Can’t wait to meet you Theo!! Blessings and love, The Dusenberry Family


  4. We’ve been out of pocket and I’ve been anxiously waiting to read your posts!! I am so thankful you are home! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!! So thankful for the benadryl miracle on your flight home! God is using your faith walk to affect all of ours’, Catherine! Hope you guys are getting the rest you so deserve! Off to read your other posts!! 🙂


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