Day 11- Good bye To China! 

Today we awoke to see more improvements with Theodore!

He started talking- in his language! We keep seeing ways that he was “checked out”in his grief and one was him not saying anything.

We re working on teeth brushing, but he thinks it’s supposed to be lip brushing.

Blake took Theodore for an outing while I packed!

Since Theo turned a corner with eating out we were able to eat in air condition after checking out of hotel.

Here is a man we “had lunch with” that is from Hong Kong.

He has 3 sons and his parents also live with he and his wife. They’re apartment is 450 square feet. How does that put things in perspective?

Since we have a late flight tonight, we had to check out of our hotel before it was time to head to airport which gave us time to say “good bye” to our new friends on Shamian Island.

Lele, works at Michael’s shop!

Good bye to Mark and Jenny at Jenny’s Place! And Jenny made Theodore his “last Chinese ” meal for us to take to airport!

This place is owned by a lady from the UK that adopted many years ago and she wanted to do more!  So she sells items in this store and the profits go back to orphans in China!

And Good Bye to our hotel! What sweet memories we have made! The place where our son “came alive!”

5 thoughts on “Day 11- Good bye To China! 

  1. Theodore is looking so happy now. I knew he would soon love you. Aren’t you pretty in your long skirt. Of course, you always look pretty. Have you learned any Cantonese words? Has Theodore learned any English words? I asked the girl who did my nails yesterday if she could speak any Cantonese. She said “no”. Guess you are in the air now. Hope it is going well. See you soon.


  2. So glad yall are home safe with theodore… sure the other children are glad too….continued prayers for you and your family….I really enjoyed your blog and following your trip….xoxo
    Aunt tracy


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