Day 10- A New Day Has Dawned!

Psalm 5:3 

3 In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice;

    in the morning I lay my requests before you

    and wait expectantly.

The new day didn’t feel like a new day at the very start of  it. We awoke to an angry and sad little one. 

I would be too if I had been taken from all I knew and put with people who don’t look like me, talk like me (to say the least), eat like me, and who have placed me where I don’t know anyone or anything familiar. 

But we had no where to go but up from there. 

And up it went.  We took Theo on a long walk through the big city for a good 3 hours in the morning. 

And got him and us a snack of fruit since it had just been peeled we felt OK about eating it. It was delicious!! The mango was my favorite. Theodore likes dragon fruit the best. 

We started to see more smiling today- like when we got back and gave him a bath. 

We’re hooked! Totally …

hook, line, and sinker. 

We have been joking about how we took about 1,000 pics of our first born and then our next one had 500 or so. The numbers drastically reduced with #3,#4, and #5. But since we’ve had so much time with #6 he has out done them all.   

This is a store owner, Amy, who was so kind to speak his language and give him gifts. “Happy children Day” in China today. We have good deals for “Happy Children Day. ”  It was  a highlight for sure.  

Then we met more new friends. This precious girl was adopted 10 years ago and her parents are adopting their 10th one this week. You can see their story on the web at “I Like Adoption.”  

And look!  It’s Jackson, TN folks!! We get to go home and have our boys who are the same age grow up in the same town!  And precious Charlie is a few months  months older than Theodore. 

Look at your buddy, Theeodore! His name is Charlie.

Success !! We ate at Lucy’s and he sat in my lap the whole time!! I looked down at one point and he was dipping his apples in ketchup. 😳 Alexandra, he is taking after you, our ketchup lover.

More smiling!! Back at the park we went before heading to meet our guide to bring us his passport. 

Which is a blessing since apparently the U.S. had it s Visa machine break down.  But after working all night it was back up and running so we can board our plane TOMORROW!

He’s trusting us more and more each day. This is really his first day to interact with us when we play with him. A New Day, Indeed. 

(It must be time to come home since my gray hair is shining forth- my dear friend from childhood, Melissa, reminded me of the black sharpie trick which I happened to have 😉. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do! Maybe you blondes can ask Sharpie to make a color to match. ) 

9 thoughts on “Day 10- A New Day Has Dawned!

  1. Ok. Let me just say that I’m SUPER jealous you met the girl from the “I like adoption” videos! I watched them several times before and just showed them to Justin a few weeks ago and everytime the Chinese girl pictured here came on and SMILED, our hearts fluttered. Wow. And the Jackson, Tn couple. So so funny. I’ll remember the sharpie trick – I died laughing reading that!


  2. Praising God with more happy tears for you guys this morning after seeing so many pics of your smiling Theo!! 🙂 The girls and I loved reading the update together and seeing how God is just continuing to answer everyone’s prayers for Theo to feel joy and peace and for his heart to bond with yours and Blake’s. We have been following the Nyes, too, and it was so neat when they mentioned seeing you guys! 🙂 God’s timing is just so cool to have you both there at the same time! Now we can’t wait for you both to be back here at the same time! 🙂 We are praying for your flights home! Love you guys!

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  3. We are so thrilled that Theodore is trusting, playing, smiling! We’ve been praying every day for his heart and also for the big trip home. Grace and peace be yours in abundance, Little Theo. We can’t wait to meet you! Maybe Uncle Mark will get a chance to make you some Chinese food someday!


  4. Also, can I just say that your son is absolutely adorable? What a cutie! I love his face when he laughs!


  5. So excited. For your return and meeting Theo. I thought of him today when I was in Kroger. I saw an unusual fruit and saw the sigh…Dragon Fruit- Theo’s favorite! I hope the flight goes as well as it can. I hope Theo has a long nap. We are so humbled by your goodness.


    1. I am so excited that Kroger has it!! He s eaten two already since we”ve been home.
      Thank you for your support! And congratulations on being a grandmother again!!! 💕


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