Our last night- Blake’s Friends….

Being in China has been a little bit like stepping back into time for America- maybe the 50’s, 60’s. 

We have had our hotel ring a few times over the week with news from our guide about certain things. 

Lastnight, Theodore went to sleep early. What a gift that he is a good sleeper!  About 9pm our hotel phone, which sounds a lot like a fire truck, rang. 

“Hello” I say. 

“Madame. Dees (this) is de (the) front desk worka from last night. Your husband was looking for Spring Rolls (egg rolls), ” the caller states. 

“Oh yes. He was looking for some.” I said. 

“I am off work and am looking for some for you. I get you some and bring to hotel at 10pm when I start my work night,” He kindly says. 

(One example of why we love these people – we thought it was so cute that call came kinda late though)

9:15pm phone rings louder than a diesel truck. 

Long story but a store worker we met earlier that day was asking to visit with Blake. But Blake wasn’t in the room but getting us water. (Reminder that this is his part time job.:)) 

9:40pm – phone rings as loud as a police car on a 911 call. 
“Hello,” I answer. 

“Madame, dees (this) is de (the) front desk worka (worker). I not find spring rolls. So I bring you a different snack today (tonight) about 10:15pm.”

“Well, thank you so much,” I respond. 

10pm phone rings loud enough to startle an elephant. I am laughing so hard at this point I can hardly say hello. And honestly I have thought that some of these calls were Blake messing with me from the lobby. 

However, as I am saying “hello,” Blake enters the room. 

“Catrin (Catherine) dees is John (the store worker who called earlier for Blake.) ” 

“Hello John, how are you?” I replied.  

“May I speak to Blake?” He said. 

Blake gets to phone (all while speaking over our sleeping child.) 

“Hello John,” he says. 

“Can I see you in the lobby? For a visit?” He says. 

Blake goes to the lobby and they chat about this and that. They discussed about how he took care of his father morning and night until he passed away. Blake said, “that must have been hard.” He said, “People called me an angel when they saw me in public with him. And I tell people that I see adoptive families over the years here giving Chinese children a home and love and that is where I learned to care for my father.” Blake didn’t say so, but I am sure there were tears. πŸ’™

Then Blake and he talked about John 10:10 , “I am the way the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through me (Jesus).” 
Then after their visit, John said, ” I also came to give you these to take home with you . ” It was a sack full of gifts from China! 


The night wasn’t over because then the front desk worker had a midnight snack for us.  

Allison – it s the black paste you might have been referring to.  
Well, our last night was an adventure and we will miss our new friends. πŸ’™

6 thoughts on “Our last night- Blake’s Friends….

  1. This story about the late night phone calls is cracking me up! Cannot wait to hear more about your trip in person. What sweet people. Praying for safe travels with a happy Theo as you start heading home!!! πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


  2. No words for that bean paste – it’s the worst trick ever. How dare bean paste look so much like chocolate. 😜 What is the other stud that looks like vanilla pudding? A hunch says it isn’t vanilla pudding. πŸ˜‚

    I got really choked up reading about the shopkeeper. That is so precious that we, as a community, have made that impact on him. Was this “Jenny’s” sore owner? We simply love because He loved us first. So thankful you have shared your journey. I have a similar phone store from the front desk. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚. There is nothing quite like China! Haha


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