Colorado’s Calling our Name

Our girl has graduated and off we go!!

Travel day 1 has been awesome. Maybe it’s because I am remembering our last “first travel day” on our first Trip West. I mean that travel day was fun just a bit unexpected with an RV crawling it’s way to Denver.

We put in a 16-17 hour day of driving and made it to the border of Colorado.

My favorite part was probably wrapping up our read aloud on the life of Richard Wurmbrand. It is a must read if you haven’t read one of the many books written about him. We were left amazed by this mighty hero of the faith!

We laughed, sang, and played trivia too. It did my mother’s heart good to be under one van roof for an entire day from before daybreak til bed time.

As we traveled the temp went from 95 degrees to 35 degrees by morning when we woke up to head to Colorado Springs.

The weather was so fun! It spit snow all day long which was may seem crazy to those of you that get regular doses of snow but it isn’t our norm!

Our first stop was Focus on the Family.

If you are ever in the area, it is a great place to visit for the entire family! Plus the kids were able to experience a recording studio and made their own episode of Adventures in Odyssey!

Next we headed over for a quick stop to get my favorite tea from Glen Erie which is the headquarters for Navigators.

On our way out of town we were able to see Garden of the gods- we hoped to picnic there, but with the wind and sleet we didn’t stay long.

You would never know by this pic that there was wind and sleet, but …… here this guy is one of several true outdoorsman in the family.

Our day ended with lots of snow coming down as we checked into Trail West in Buena Vista. We signed up for “Serve Week” and never dreamed we would begin our week serving in the snow!

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