The Trip West

We slept great on night one waking just long enough to hear one LOUD storm that we thought may be the tornado that took Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz.

We landed in Denver after day 2 day of RVing it over the mid west. The kids and I had a blast playing games, reading books, making smoothies, and gazing out at all the wind mills in Kansas.

Blake not so much fun for him as he played cat and mouse with the RV that seemed to need help as it went up any sort of an incline. He kept an awesome attitude as it took many extra hours- a quality I just can’t get over in him even after observing it for 20 years.

We have been amazed at how our friend, Betsy, has parents that live in Denver and are out of town. They have graciously let our BIG family stay in their wonderful home while we wait to see what repairs the RV needs.

On Monday we began the search for a mechanic which took many hours. We were able to deliver it and waited a few days. Then we got the call that Oscar the mechanic just couldn’t figure it out. Back to the drawing board on calling mechanics. I am pretty sure Blake has spoken to every mechanic in Mile High City- Tomorrow we deliver it to another mechanic to give it a whirl.

In the meantime, our oldest has broken her arm when she fell off her bike. 😢

We have done “city” things in which we were not expecting since we were planning to be off in the mountains …. but city has been fun. City has had the most amazing sunset I have seen in my whole life while we watched the Rockies play.

The city has also had a fun zoo to visit/ as our 5th born has said, ” The big kids said they used to go to the zoo. Maybe I can one day.” So the little thing made it to the zoo.

And to the Nature and Science Museum….

Not to mention the fun walks to get a scone, bike riding (when no one is breaking an arm is especially fun), playing boards games, Dutch Bliss, and reading good books.

Well, that’s a wrap….. the reminder that

“Man plans his ways, but The Lord determines his steps. ” Proverbs 16:9

is a comfort as I go to sleep in “the city!” tonight. 💗

One thought on “The Trip West

  1. What a trip full of memories you will all live upon forever. I can’t tell you how many times our big girls say~ Remember that time we so and so. Love that so much! Loved following your trip and blessings as you wake at home. Love you so much!!! ♥️


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