Be Where my Chacos Are

The week in Denver was unexpected, fun, and full.

Even with all the fun, it didn’t take long that our motto for the trip came into play.

“Be Where our Boots Are,” is a phrase that Blake learned on his trip out west with some other guys last summer in the San Juan Mountains. Their mountain guide told them day after day in the backcountry to


Day one in Denver, at 6:30am we got a call that our cows were loose. They decided to escape and try out a 5k. They made it straight to our neighbors house, the Curlins, We are guessing that they were missing us – ironically it’s these neighbors where her parents live in Denver where we were staying.

It’s also the day Blake lost his wallet – we found it by evening at Cake Crumbs where we walked for coffee that morning which was of course a great relief.

Blake was on the phone for hours this day looking for a mechanic also.

It was a good day to try out our Motto…..

Except I wear Chacos…..❤️

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