Hey kids, Let’s Put up The Christmas Tree!

Last year, I reported in a Christmas Post about how I had the bright idea that the children draw names for Christmas.

I learned my lesson and therefore I HAVE not nor WILL not be making that announcement this year.

However, this Christmas season Blake and I had a new announcement that I once again did NOT know would cause such grumbling.

It was simply, “This YEAR we have a beautiful new pre- lit tree.”

“Pre lit. Does that means it’s NOT REAL?” one child said.

“But how could you?”

“The house won’t have that fresh pine smell, Mama.”

“Please tell us you didn’t!?!”

And then I heard the funniest comment of all.


I was putting laundry away when I heard Wilks saying this loud enough for me to over hear as he was speaking to his sister.

I told the kids that we could skip the whole Christmas tree thing this year since they were so disappointed…. You can see their decision below.

Our new pre- lit TREE!

Most of the children and I went to our Tennessee Governor’s mansion and they took notice of each AND every live tree that was laden throughout the home.

Maybe they should write to the Governor and tell him their Christmas tree woes. ☺️

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