There was a very loud, “MAMA!” coming from the living area first thing when I woke up one morning this week.

“MAMA- Caleb threw my frozen rabbit skin that I was thawing into the washing machine!!”

Maybe it was just a dream since I could hardly understand what Calvin was saying. “I am sorry, buddy, what are you talking about?”

Calvin replied, “I was thawing my rabbit skin wrapped in a towel on the kitchen island last night. I learned how to Tan a Hide in Survival Class. BUT I found it in the washing machine just now.”

I have heard the phrase “tan a hide” but had no idea what it really meant.

I replied, “Oh heavens, Calvin. You mean to tell me that there was a rabbit fur wrapped in a kitchen towel that we use to dry dishes with?”

“YES!” he exclaimed.

I stuttered and then realized it was me that did it. “I felt a damp towel before I went to bed and threw it in the wash,” I stated while shaking my head.

It is still hard for me to believe that I live in a home with mud on the walls every time I turn a corner, buckets of worms left on counters, bass (fish) that have been cleaned on the sidewalk where guests arrive, dead snakes tied to fishing lines while a kid hides and wiggles it as our UPS guy steps out of his truck to deliver a package, tadpoles being kept alive in the bathroom sink with it plugged tight, AND (but not limited to) where rabbit skins are being thawed out on my kitchen island???

The two girls have typically played so neat and orderly. Calico Critters is the closest thing to creatures ….. yet 5 boys plus a rugged husband….. this mama has to do a double take on that part of my motherhood journey.

The final product. I heard my hair dryer blowing and later realized that Calvin was fluffing the fur.

I am learning to lean into it even if I don’t really get it. I can only imagine how many things the boys don’t get about my girly self. For example, I was trying to choose a nail color the other day and one of the boys said, “How long does it usually take you to make a decision like this?”😭

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