I Lu Mu!

This is Henry’s phrase for “I Love You.” It began in January and I can’t get enough of it.

He says it when he is eating, when we are laying on the floor with Candy Land between us, when I kiss a boo boo, on a picnic, at bath time, bed time, and many things in between.

He knows it. He might not understand it, but he does know it…….


Last week he added a new word with his “I Lu Mu.” The word is, “WHY?“

“Why, I lu mu, Mama?”

I have been thinking a lot about this “why” part.

Possibly, Henry can’t figure out this new trust he has found in us. What a miracle that he even trusts us a tiny wee bit and he is giving back the love that he feels.

It is a new place for him in his precious 6 years of life. Perhaps if he could form more words they would say, “What is this feeling I have for you and Daddy?” “Why can I trust you like I do?” “How is it that when I pitch a tantrum you still receive me?” “How is that after YOU are impatient with me or another sibling I still know you love me?”

Looking back, I remember praying over how to be closer to Henry? (maybe in the late fall) My sister in law asked how to pray specifically and I shared this prayer of wanting to “bond better” request with her.

It occurred to me in January that I should beckon Henry to sit with me more. Connecting as I would if he had been with me since birth. Rocking him more and holding him close.

He didn’t want to at first/ bucking away- not wanting to miss out on any activity going on around him but I kept at it. And sure enough the day that he relinquished and rested on me as I rocked him was the very day he gave me kisses on my cheek and it was his first unprompted, “I Lu Mu.”

I am so thankful for books on adoption and bonding, real life examples that I have through close adoptive mamas, AND most importantly the Holy Spirit to guide me as I am charting new territory each day as a mom to not only our adopted children but these spunky, uniquely made, SEVEN children entrusted to our care.

Heaven knows I COULD NOT DO IT ALONE!!

“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things.” John 14:26

Friends, what do you need “help” with today? Ask the Helper (the Holy Spirit) and stand amazed at all He is able to help with. If He can help me, I am absolutely certain He can help you.

Much love to each of you!



2 thoughts on “I Lu Mu!

  1. This is such a praise!!! It’s just music to my ears! We have continued to pray that Henry would bond so quickly that you would be amazed and see God’s hand all over it! Lu mu guys!


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