Southern Summer Nights

With Labor Day upon us I have been reflecting on summer’s end.

My favorite summer nights are the ones that include our family heading into the garden after dinner to work a bit while we watch the sun go down behind us. I have sure missed those nights with my current handicap.

The clouds have been unmistakenly beautiful this summer.

Our summer crop hasn’t been as plentiful as I had hoped thanks to the 4 million chicks the kids were raising for 4-H. Ok maybe it so closer to 40, but it feels like more when they are eating our summer harvest.

Despite our fencing, the chickens keep finding ways to get in. This has never happened before once we learned to clip their wings but these little ladies would NOT stop enjoying the goodness of our labor.

Caught in action/ headed for a snack of cucumbers!
We managed to beat the chickens to a few gallon blackberries but they were on a mission to eat the rest as each red berry ripened into that deep purple color.

Our blueberries have finished producing. But the cucumbers keep coming along with the tomatoes and bell peppers- usually a bite or 40 bites have been pecked before they are ready for harvest.

The garden brings out so many analogies in my life. The main one that has occurred to me this summer is all that I planned doesn’t always come to fruition like I hoped.

“Man plans his ways, but God determines his course.” Proverbs 16:9

I see it in full light as I am in our garden. There are so many things I can not control that happens through our animal life and the food we grow. For example, it never crossed my mind that the ducks would find and eat our watermelon before they ripened so WE could pick and EAT them.

My everyday life outside of the garden feels like I can control it (since wild animals aren’t involved) yet it is so similar to the garden:

– a child’s match/game is cancelled just as we were loading the car

– a tantrum begins and school is pushed back by an hour or more

– a potty accident happens and we are late to church

– covid hits and all our lives are turned upside down

Despite the chick raiding, there is no place I would rather be than in our garden- as a family watching the hues of orange from the setting sun as we play chase, pick weeds, toss a ball, and take our garden goodness back inside.

We usually journey back to the house as fire flies light up the sky when dusk turns to dark. Now it is time to kiss sleepy heads and head back out to watch the moon rise with Blake by my side.

These Southern Summer nights will be missed as our seasons change once again.

Happy Labor Day! May it be filled with the best and last that summer has to offer. ☀️

3 thoughts on “Southern Summer Nights

  1. Catherine, the squirrels have been my pesky critters this summer. They love to destroy patio cushions!!

    We also get wilds such as armadillo, possum and raccoons around our house!

    This was beautifully written. ❤️


  2. I enjoyed seeing the picture. Sorry gardening didn’t do too well. That’s the life of a farmer. How did you break your ankle? You must have done that soon after you were over here. So sorry that happened I’m just now getting better with my back. I‘Ve had 5 trips to the chiropractor. I’ve been going twice a week and just this morning decided to try once a week.

    Pray for Jennifer tomorrow. That’s when she is having all her teeth pulled.

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