Hey Kids, Wash the Chickens!


✅ Sweep your jurisdiction

✅ Unload the dishwasher

✅ Feed the animals

✅ Put bikes away

✅ Wipe down the bathroom

✅ Wash the chickens

Say What?? Wash the chickens?!

This may sound normal to you perhaps if you have ever showed 4-H chickens before…. but this city mama (turning country) has NEVER heard of such a thing.

I thought it was a joke as we went over all of the information in preparation of our chickens’ show day. My friend, Jamie, calls it “The Chicken Pageant.”

Let me expand on the chore list :

✅ Take the chicken and dunk her into a bucket of soapy water. Be careful to not place her head under the water and use 80-90 degree water.

✅Place her in the 2nd bucket of plain water..

✅ Place the chicken into a 3rd bucket that has apple cider vinegar to shine her up real nice.

✅ Lightly pat her dry. She will take 24 hours to fully dry.

✅ Clean her feet with a toothbrush.

✅ Apply Vaseline to her comb for extra shine.

That about covers it. 😳


The kids had an eventful time showing their birds. It was a night complete with a caller that held the auction at the end of the show.

These chickadees are cuter than their chicks!

After the Chicken Pageant we wandered (well I actually hobbled with my broken foot after getting a ride as close as possible) over to the exhibit barn to see how the children fared with other items they turned in to “show.”

It felt like stepping back in time. I LOVED IT! I belong at the COUNTY FAIR. These are now my people.

The children entered categories such as:

Recycled crafts, sewing items, canned foods, pastel art, photography, veggies grown, canvas paintings, and wood carvings.

They even received blue ribbons for some of their work. It was a night which thrilled us all.

When we got home Blake said that I deserved a blue ribbon.

I ACCEPT. I plan to hold him to it and find where they sell them and I want the really big one like Caleb won for his photography picture and I will put it on our refrigerator for everyone to see. 🤗

And then I treated myself to this:

A cup of Earl Grey tea and a new homeschool book that a precious friend sent me as a “sorry your foot is broken gift.” It couldn’t come at a better time.

6 thoughts on “Hey Kids, Wash the Chickens!

  1. This is eye opening for a city boy. I want 2 C a close up of Caleb’s photography.

    It took 3 weeks to see improvement of my sprained ankle.

    Dispatched from iPhone Xs “Join the nation, thank a Vietnam veteran!” DM29 ‘69-‘70



  2. I am loving your posts. I feel I can do anything now that I know how to wash chickens.

    Congrats to your flock for doing so well at the Fair.

    Love y’all, Diane S


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