Happy Birthday to My Favorite Person in the World….

In light of doing a birthday post on each child this year, I certainly can’t leave out the person that married me 21 years ago on that beautiful, unusually cool, June day.

It was the day that we both new was the beginning of a commitment to one another for a life time.

I thought I knew Blake when I married him but it was just the beginning of knowing the man that I know today.

He was dressed like a bull dog the first time we met. Like this:

I was a cheerleader. We were walking down the hallway to eat between the women’s and men’s basketball games. AND there he was with his head under his arm. (It s not often someone tells you that they met their spouse with his head under his arm??)

The rest is history.

7 children later we are still fighting for us.

Dear Blake,

Well, I am already crying and I haven’t written anything but “Dear Blake.” Whew!

What a gift you are to me. The greatest gift on earth that I could ask for.

There are so many things that I love about you like the way you seem to effortlessly manage your career, being a husband, father, son, and friend.

I stand amazed every day at how you love and disciple our kids yet also offer leadership in the steady way that you parent them. You have wisdom that can only come from the Lord.

Our children would rather go backpacking in the mountains with you than anything else. You have cultivated this relationship with them and it shows in the way that they respect and enjoy you!

As a husband, you continually make space for us. I can hardly wait for our time sitting outside under the stars almost everyday as the kids go to bed. You steadily listen to me as I get my “20,000 words” in a day while you finish the remainder of your “7,000” a day which is about 20. 😁

Blake, you are so humble and your humor shows that you do not think too highly of yourself. Unlike me who would be mortified to wear a random panda mask around in front of complete strangers you carry on with no concern for what others think of you hoping to make others laugh by your free spirit! YOU make me laugh just like you always have.. .

I love that you started calling me Bunni year 3 of our marriage. I still don’t know why you named me Bunni. Randomly when I called the Amazon person looking for a package just the other day he would not talk to me until I said that my name was “Bunni” even though I repeatedly said my name was Catherine. ( I will never figure that one out.)

I can’t choose what I love the most, but at the top of the list is your STEADY walk with God.

You are MR. STEADY and God knew that was the kind of man that would fit me just right!

I love you, Bunni

P.S. How in the world are you 50??!?

“There is no greater happiness for a man than approaching a door at the end of a day knowing someone on the other side of that door is waiting for the sound of his footsteps.” -Ronald Reagan

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