Quarantine Idea: Get Chicks 🐥

Today we picked up the children’s 4-H chicks. Each child chose to purchase ten. Four of our children are in the age rage of the 4-H program. So…….

Yes! 40 Chicks!!

The good news is in case you need an idea on how to spend your quarantine time maybe chicks is the way to go…. But most likely you are not half crazy like I am.

On the bright side, our children are learning to work as a group, keep a ledger for their budget, researching the BEST way to nurture them organically, assessing the health of each and every chick regularly, and keeping their containers nice and clean!

We celebrated with ice cream sundaes in the drive through – I mean “Baby Chick Day” needs a celebration to go with it, right?!

They will show their chicks in August at our local fair. This is a first for us- “showing” chickens. This go round of us getting chicks seems a bit more personal for each of them. They have “stock” since they are each responsible for paying for all that goes with buying their chicks.

The drive home. The kids can’t get a word in edge wise.

ALSO, Theodore and Henry inherited 2 baby ducks yesterday! We have never seen Henry squeal so loudly than he did over his new duck in which he named, Lucy!

Introducing Fredrick (from the Sound of Music) and Lucy!! I trust that our other 7 ducks will welcome our new ones with great Comradery!
Honey is quite suspicious at all of the new chirps that have landed at the farm.

The chicks will be in our house for a few days and hopefully graduate to the barn!! I can’t quit laughing that we have 40 chickens in our house! I am also laughing at myself remembering that the FIRST time we raised chicks on the FIRST night I thought that they had all died since the HOUSE WENT SILENT about the time we all went to bed… I wish I had it recorded – me hollering to Blake,

“H-O-N-E-Y!! They ALL died!! My birthday wish of chicks has finally come true and they ARE ALL DEAD.”

BUT they were actually like LITTLE ANGELS fast asleep on their faces. 🤣

As I write, the chirping is quite lively but night is coming. 🌸

3 thoughts on “Quarantine Idea: Get Chicks 🐥

  1. What a beautiful cherpy story. I wish I had forty chicks. Wait, no I don’t. But I am interested in how this experiment in life works out. Hope you all love eggs. At the least, you will keep your roosters happy.


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