Let’s Read Together

The quarantine had us ordering extra books. I have stayed with the same amazing artist and author, Tomie DePaola, since he passed away a few weeks ago. We have read anything from a picture book (Pancakes) to a short story (Popcorn) to Bible stories (The Miracles of Jesus) , to a chapter book based on his own life growing up.

Our kids will never forget the time spent reading together. Yes there are often fusses over who sits next to who or so and so is being loud therefore that child can’t hear, etc. but it’s worth pressing on. We have made countless memories sitting together next to a fire Or on a sunny spring day on a blanket reading a good story together.

Last week I over heard Wilks singing a made up line, “ Best day ever, popcorn for lunch!” He had all of the kids singing it by the end.

Here is one way to get the kids excited about a read aloud:

“Hey everyone, i have a new story to read you. Follow me! I have popcorn and a cold glass of honey tea calling your name!”

Let’s Read Together! It’s worth the time!! ♥️

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