Early Days Home & A Happy New Year!

We rang in the new year last night with being up almost all night with 2 precious kiddos vomiting. Well that sure is a first!

I too came home and had a terrible stomach virus which broke my heart to be away from HC and our others that we missed so much. Trusting God to give me strength to care for others at a season that I am exhausted both physically and emotionally. This too will pass….

One day we will get back to a more normal rhythm.

The children are handling the newness with such kindness and grace. Blake and I are both amazed.

Henry Connor is having moments of doing well and moments of handling things just as he should- with sadness, confusion, and mistrust. All to be expected but it doesn’t make it any easier just because I expected it. He is hurting and I am hurting.

So if I am being completely raw, then I will share that I am on the verge of tears many moments throughout the day.

*Processing all he has been through.

*Watching for ways that I can ease his pain.

*Being hyper sensitive to each interaction. Such as, “Do I offer to rub his back even though he keeps saying, ‘no’ but on occasion says ‘yes?’ “ Or “Will today be the day he is comfortable with a hug?”

I had NO IDEA how much I touch and kiss our children until this situation. Let me say again- I HAD NO IDEA how much I touch, hold and cuddle our kids. It will take time and this has to be earned. But each time he pulls back I am reminded of his pain. Slowly things are changing and they will continue.

Finding myself thinking more these days about how Jesus took our suffering for us. It gives me peace that He has done so much more than I can imagine.

“.. and our sorrows He carried.”

Isaiah 53:4

In other news, our needs are being met!⭐️ God has prompted several friends to bring meals and ONCE again I am seeing that sometimes I don’t even know what my needs are until others are prompted and offer to serve. It is so humbling. While I am far more comfortable DOING the serving than BEING the one served, I feel so loved in the midst of this transition time.

Being in this position and being able to share it might help you sometime where you live if you have a friend or hear of someone adopting. A meal or gift card for take out WILL bless them more than they might be able to express. As an adopted mom everything is new and exhaustion sets in as the family adjusts.

It is a privilege to be a mama for the 7th time again. The kids find it a privilege to have a new sibling. Blake finds it a privilege to be a dad again and is still the funniest dad which balances for a light hearted home with my teary face. This journey we have said “yes” to is so incredible as we walk it side by side.

Theodore reminded me repeatedly the first day back… “don’t ever leave again.”
Look at these two cuties.
Brothers forever. (One is missing in action- probably on the trampoline)


One thought on “Early Days Home & A Happy New Year!

  1. Thinking of you guys constantly. JM is fascinated that Theodore has a new “baby” brother and has started asking for a didi. His exact words: “I want the one in Curious George [whose sister buys him a balloon]. Can you get me that one?”


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