Post Trip Update

Our things arrived!! The RV made it’s way back to West TN.

The kids and our friends helping us usher in our goods!

It was like Christmas!! We can ride bikes again, fish, camp out, read our books, play golf, use our dishes, blend a smoothie, etc. again.

As the weeks pass since our trip it has been so wonderful to hear the kids speak of our time away. They probably share a memory every day. Oh I am so glad I didn’t let the unknown keep us from taking the adventure.

I am also glad that I didn’t let the set backs (Wait! Let me make sure there is an S on this word… set BACKS) stop us from pressing on, being present, and laughing instead of crying (most of the time).

I am more grateful as the days pass that we said, “YES!”

The kids keep asking, “ When can we go back to Capitol Reef and camp out again?”

I keep saying, “The one WITHOUT running water? Ahem- why yes we should go back!! Wasn’t it the best ever?!?”

Our adventure has pushed me to say “yes” to more adventures here back at home. It really isn’t that difficult to choose to sleep in a tent for example on our property instead of in my cozy bed . 😉

We took a big warm container of Apple Cider to the park! I am pretty sure the whipped cream with a dash of cinnamon on top made everyone feel like an ordinary day turned extra special.

Saying “yes” fills the children’s cups which in turn fills mine!

Camping out back at home at the farm!

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