Wild + Free in Franklin

I had the great joy of making it to the fabulous Wild+Free conference in Franklin, TN for homeschool mamas.

This is my second one and I was so blessed (plus 900 other mamas) to get another chance to go to it.

Not to mention that I got to share it with some AMAZING friends.

We ate great food, got spoiled at the conference with fun drinks/snacks, listened to incredible music by The Hunts, and got poured into by some ladies that are ahead of me in this homeschooling journey.

I left the conference with a clearer vision of what I want our homeschool to look like. I have strayed lately from the vision that I have had over the years.

My vision is clear again and I am ready to fight for continuing to teach our children:

  • A good work ethic through daily living/chores
  • Character that is God honoring
  • A chance for creativity as they learn
  • Reading aloud to them – they are never too old for a picture book which teaches the young and old many things. Not to mention longer stories that can transport us to a far away place in minutes!
  • That my mistakes are never wasted. There is always a new day for fresh mercies.
  • Being overly busy and spread thin doesn’t make us more effective but less.
  • Nature study is fun for me and oh SO fun for the kids so why do I cut it when things get hectic??

Glad for space at the Frothy Monkey to take it all in and pray about each child before re entering.

Blake is kind to recognize the need to keep me healthy so I can keep being where I am as a wife, mama to the kids, and then a homeshool mom to them.

Shay and I blessed by W+F!

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