Whenever You Left Me In China……

These were the words that rang out from little Theodore’s mouth on Thursday morning while we were snuggling on the couch before starting our school day.

Alexandra, our oldest, was to my right. I was SO glad to have another set of ears to make sure I heard correctly.

I made a quick glance to her and the look on her face showed me that she knew exactly what he had just said.

I turned back to Theodore’s tender face with his deep dark eyes. I can remember clearing my throat and asking, “What did you say Theodore?”

“When you left me in China and then came back to get me.”

I choked back the tears and began to explain to the best of my ability how we never left him.

At that moment he truly thought that I birthed him, we took him to China, then left him, and came back for him.

We sat by a cozy fire, got his China book out and I began to pour over page after page explaining the story yet again.

And I will explain that story 100 times if need be.

You are ours, precious one.

We are here to stay- FOREVER.

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