Morning Time

Ever since the kids were little it occurred to me that I might could make more useful time out of our mornings.

So after breakfast and clean up we would gather for a memory verse, a short lesson on some topic such as “A is for apples”, a little Bible story, and small craft.

It usually included some whining, elbows thrown at siblings seated near by, and incessant talking.

I can remember thinking one day, “Is this really worth it? I am spending so much time correcting it doesn’t seem fun.”

But looking back over the years it’s been a place that has grounded us. Also, a place that provided training opportunities.

All these years laters with the kids age 14 and under we are still gathering for our morning time.

At this stage we can’t function without it. It’s not only a place for learning but a place for family meetings.

For example, this week I couldn’t figure out who keeps stepping on my fern underneath our Dogwood tree that the kids love to climb. I am sure that I asked each and EVERY child but apparently I would ask the same kid more than once- not remembering who I had asked——

MORNING TIME to the rescue!

It’s also a place for prayers, tea time, poetry, artist studies, and character training using Simply Charlotte Mason’s curriculum.

Younger ones spend time in their high chairs scribbling with crayons, playing with play dough, or lining up little figurines like teddy bears, or painting with q tips.

Morning Time- a time I can’t live without.

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